UA uses the Reporting: Intelligence module to generate reports from information captured in all areas of the Concur platform. Intelligence is a robust reporting tool based on Cognos software.

Intelligence includes general reports written for all Concur clients and reports written specifically for UA. Since the Concur platform is configured to fit UA needs, users may find some of the general reports less useful.

UA has a limited number of reporting licenses available. Since these are shared system-wide, they are assigned to users judiciously and sparingly. Reporting licenses are primarily given to financial managers, campus travel finance offices and other personnel that need regular direct access to travel finance information for an entire department or campus.

All BI Managers (e.g. Default Approvers) have access to the Concur Reporting module as well. However, information in their reports is limited to users that fall under their manager hierarchy. For example, a supervisor receives information on their employees as well as anyone those employees supervise.

Reporting users can assign two reporting delegates who have access to run and schedule reports. Concur provides an error message if the user attempts to assign the permission to more than two delegates.

Add Delegate

  1. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the Concur dashboard and select the Profile drop-down menu
  2. Click "Profile Settings"
  3. Select "Expense Delegates" from the Profile Options menu
    Click the "Request Delegates" or "Expense Delegates" link in the left-hand navigation pane
  4. The “Delegates” tab is individuals assigned as delegates to your account
  5. Click “Add” then search for and select the desired delegate’s name
  6. Assign the "Can Use Reporting" permission and click “Save”

Act as a Delegate

To act on behalf of a reporting user as a delegate

  1. Login to your UA Concur account
  2. Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the Concur dashboard and select the drop-down menu on Profile
  3. Under “Acting as other user,” search for an approver by name, UA ID or email address
  4. Select the approver and click “Start Session”
  5. To select a different account, follow steps 2-4 again (you do not need to end the current delegate session)
  6. To end delegate session, open the Profile menu and click “Done acting for others”

Hot Tip: When accessing a user’s account as a delegate, verify that “Acting as <user’s name>” replaces "Profile" in the upper right-hand corner.

  1. Log in to Concur
  2. Select “Intelligence” or “BI Manager” from the Reporting module drop-down menu
    1. Intelligence is the only option if user is either a BI Manager or a reporting license holder
    2. If both options are available, “BI Manager” pre-filters the reports to only users that fall under that manager’s hierarchy
  3. The SAP Concur Cognos connection opens in a new window


Topic Description UA Guide
Team Content
  • Where do we find reports built for UA?
  • How do we add reports to "My Folders"?
Run a Report
  • How do we view a report?
  • Can we save a report for later viewing?
  • Can we view the report in a specific format (e.g. Excel or PDF)?
Schedule a Report
  • How do we set a regular schedule to run a report?
  • Can we schedule a report to send as an email?


SAP Concur offers additional resources including training webinars for Reporting: Intelligence. Visit their Intelligence training website for more information.