The Request module is used to plan, organize and request approvals for UA business travel. A Request provides a general estimate or plan for the trip including anticipated costs to UA.

A Request is required for all business travel including trips partially or wholly paid by a third party (even when self-funded). Travelers should have one Request per full time in travel status. A business justification in the Header is required if the Request is submitted after trip commencement.


Topic Description UA Guide
Request Dashboard
  • How do we navigate the Concur Request module?
  • How do we view all of the traveler's Requests?
Look but Don't Book
  • How do we check airfare, car rental and/or lodging prices to build our estimated expenses?
  • What tool do we use to capture a business only cost comparison?
Create & Submit a Request
  • How do we request business travel approval in Concur?
  • How do we submit a new Request?
  • What information is needed on the Request?
Request with Personal Travel
  • Is it necessary to indicate personal days planned during a business trip?
  • What documentation is needed if a business trip will include personal days of travel?
  • How do we enter the Request Segments for this type of trip?
  • How do we capture a business only cost comparison?
Request a Travel Advance
  • How do we request a travel cash advance for the trip?
  • What are the policies for a travel cash advance?
Request Header
  • What information is needed on the Request Header?
  • How do we determine the best "Trip Purpose"?
Request Expected Expenses & Allocations
  • How do we enter estimated expenses for a trip?
  • How do we enter airfare, lodging and car rental information to the Request?
  • How do we allocate expenses to additional funding than the primary source indicated in the Header?
Request Timeline
  • How do we view the assigned approvers in the approval flow?
  • How do we check the approval status of a Request?
  • How do we view actions taken on a submitted Request?
Recall a Request
  • How do we make changes to a submitted Request?
Copy a Request
  • Can we duplicate an existing Request?
Close a Request
  • What do we do when the Request is no longer needed?
  • Does Concur automatically close out a trip after the expense Report?
"Zero" Cost Travel
  • Is it necessary to submit a Request or expense Report for business travel with no cost to UA?
  • How do we document that type of travel?