Change in Student Hiring Process

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December 1, 2022

Dear UA Vice Chancellors, Provosts, Dean, Directors and Supervisors,

At the direction of President Pitney and effective immediately, UA HR is making the below changes/improvements to the student hire process:

Student Compensation

    • Departments may make offers without UA HR approval for hourly students (SN/ST). Quarterly, UAHR will audit offers above $18.00/hour and may require departments to provide justification/documentation for offers above $18.00/hour. For more assistance or questions regarding student compensation, please reach out via email. Graduate student wages will continue to follow the guidance of their respective university graduate school.

Student Hire

    • Students have two steps to apply: set up an account in myUA and answer the compliance questions
    • Supervisors have two steps: choose a student to hire and tell your department HR Coordinator
    • HR Coordinators have three steps: create a requisition or job posting, start the background check, complete the offer card and complete the new hire paperwork

UA HR does not require items like resume, cover letter, work history, more than one approver, etc to recruit and hire a student. Departments have the flexibility to request these items in order to assist in the screening and hiring process. 

Your department HR Coordinators have the opportunity to create and advertise all temporary employee job postings (e.g. students, adjuncts, temps) without UA HR approval by attending/completing a recruitment process training session.  If your department HRC is interested, please email our Talent Acquisition team.

UA HR is setting up several training sessions for supervisors to discuss the expedited recruiting process over the next few months. Dates and times for these sessions will be sent out via email or HRCs can reach out to our Talent Acquisition team via email.

Our team will continue to review student hiring practices and compensation guidelines to ensure that we provide flexibility and efficiency for the University.


Memry Dahl

Chief Human Resources Officer

University of Alaska



Recruitment Guide for Hiring Student Employees (SN/ST/GN/GT)


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