Position Reclassification

There are times when a particular position may need to be reclassified because the duties of the job have changed or the position was not properly classified at the time of inception. Below is information related to the reclassification process.

The PD is central to position classification and reclassification. It is intended to describe the general functions and responsibilities assigned to each job title. It should not be viewed as a means to document an exhaustive list of the specific duties and prerequisites applicable to each classified position. However, PDs should be used to further describe the specific duties and prerequisites for a position. A PD needs to be submitted to initiate the reclassification process for all regular staff positions.

Changes to a position classification occur based on assessment by UA HR, who will determine the appropriate classification for the work being performed. 

The following information outlines salary administration for a position reclassification:

  • Salary Step Upgrade: a reclassification for exempt or nonexempt staff whose current salary does not exceed the last step of the new grade will result in a salary increase. Reclassified staff receive a five percent increase (5 steps) or placement at the beginning of the new grade, whichever increase is greater.

  • Salary Step Downgrade: an employee will be moved down to the closest step of the new grade that is less than or equal to current salary. If the current salary is beyond the grade maximum, an employee will be moved to the top step of new grade.

For occupied positions, changes are effective the first day of the next full pay period following receipt of the PD Form by the UA HR Office.

1. The supervisor reviews the existing PD in MyUA, makes necessary revisions to ensure the job duties depict the present position, and routes the updated PD for approval. 

2. The UA HR Senior Compensation Specialist will review the PD for classification purposes. If additional changes are needed the Compensation Specialist will contact the supervisor. 

3. The Supervisor and HR Coordinator will receive notification about the approved PD.  A job form (RECI) and appointment letter will need to be submitted to the UA HR Personnel team for entry. The reclassification is effective on the first day of the pay period following its approval.

A desk audit is a mediation process where the duties and position are evaluated to determine whether or not the job should be upgraded in terms of grade, pay level, title or classification series. 

To request a desk audit send a request to UA HR Talent Acquisition

Staff and/or management may appeal the allocation of a position to a job family and/or level within a job family. Appeals must be made in writing and received by the UA HR Office within 30 calendar days of the effective date of the action being appealed or the notice letter, whichever is later. 

To review the full Appeal Process, please refer to University Regulation 04.05.035.E.