Position Classification FAQs

To create a position description form you will need to use the University of Alaska's online position description/recruitment tool at www.myua.alaska.edu. If you have questions about this process, please contact UA HR Talent Acquisition.

Note: L6070 job description template can be found in the CBA on the UA Labor Relations webpage.

Consult with your HR Coordinator, create a PD in MyUA, and route it for approval, with a proposed classification. The UA Sr. Compensation Specialist will review the position description to determine if the proposed classification is appropriate.

Note: The same process is used to reclassify a position.

Peer positions perform similar job duties and have similar scope and level of complexity. For faculty positions, peers are based on the same academic rank and discipline as established by CIP-codes.

First consult with your supervisor about the classification determination and assigned job duties. If additional support, guidance, or analysis is needed, you may then request a desk audit from the UA HR Talent Acquisition.

Both employees and managers may appeal classification decisions. Appeals must be made in writing and received by the UA HR Office within 30 calendar days of the effective date of the action appealed, or the notice letter, whichever is later. The appeal panel includes an HR representative, a manager, and a subject matter expert.  Panel membership varies depending on the particular specialty area. The panel reviews the position description and meets with the employee and supervisor to determine the most appropriate job family and level for the position. 

For more information on job classification appeals, please refer to University Regulations R04.05.035. Job Classification System (F) Appeals.

Employees and/or managers who would like to appeal a position classification may submit it in writing to the Director of UA HR Talent Acquisition within 30 calendar days of the effective date of the action being appealed.

Please contact the UA HR office for more information if you think you may be eligible for pay for hours you worked prior to your classification changing to Non-Exempt.  You will need to provide reasonable documentation of hours worked. This must be verified by your supervisor and submitted to HR for review. Claims will be considered going back as far as two years from the date you first contact HR or your supervisor.