January 22, 2002

University & United Academic-Adjuncts Reach Tentative Agreement

January 22, 2002  NR 01-02

The University of Alaska and United Academic – Adjuncts, AAUP/AFT announced today that they have reached a tentative collective bargaining agreement. The successor agreement is subject to ratification by union members, approval by the Board of Regents, as well as funding by the legislature. The agreement will go into effect when approved and expire December 31, 2004.

“The agreement is financially responsible, it recognizes the efforts of adjuncts on behalf of the university, and will serve well the needs of both parties over the next three years,” said Michael Hostina, the university’s director of labor relations.

Dennis Geary, assistant business manager for the Alaska Public Employees Association/AFT, chief spokesperson for the union, said, “The negotiation process resulted in an agreement that not only meets the needs of employees but created an atmosphere that will lead to a better working relationship between adjuncts and the university.”

Details of the tentative agreement will be available after formal approval by the union’s members and the Board of Regents of the university.

Michael Hostina, Director of Labor Relations, 907-474-7879
Dennis Geary, APEA/AFT, 907-274-1688