June 30, 2020

June 30, 2020

University of Alaska Board of Regents approve process to select interim UA President

Today the University of Alaska Board of Regents approved a process for selecting an interim UA System president. The five-step process includes identifying key leadership attributes and nominating candidates, followed by the selection of final candidates and interviews to be conducted by the board. Final candidates will be announced July 9, and the board will meet to make final selection July 14. An announcement of the interim president is expected no later than July 15.

“This fulfills the need to have an expedited process that is inclusive and follows the principles of fair hiring process,” Chief Human Resources Officer Steve Patin said.

In the coming days members of the board will be conducting interviews with the university community, governance members, regional representatives, alumni, donors and other stakeholders to create a list of attributes for the interim president. Patin will be collecting that input to present to the Board who will narrow down the list to the most critical attributes.

"The selection of an interim president by the Board of Regents is a very important one for the university.  The interim president will guide the university for an extended period while a fulsome search for a permanent president takes place. While it is an expedited process, the Board is committed to inclusivity and is seeking to fully understand what attributes the university community seeks in an interim president before it makes a decision," Patin said.

Nominations of candidates also can be sent to Patin, the university’s contact for the hiring process. More information can be found at https://www.alaska.edu/pres/interim/.

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For more information, contact Monique Musick, manager of marketing and communications at 907-388-4784 (cell).