June 19, 2012

Gamble Announces New Director of K-12 Outreach Operations, Kathryn Berry Bertram

For Immediate Release
June 19, 2012

President Gamble is pleased to announce the new Director of K-12 Outreach Operations, Kathryn Berry Bertram, Ph.D. She has been director of the Geophysical Institute K-12 Education and Outreach for the past 21 years.

Bertram has extensive experience facilitating partnerships among University of Alaska, the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, Alaska school districts, state and national teacher groups, and Native organizations resulting in the creation of more than 20 comprehensive multi-year programs. She has secured more than $23 million in grants from federal, state and private agencies to fund these programs, all of which are focused on K-12 teacher preparation, professional development and mentorship.

“What drew us to Kathryn were her excellent grant writing and management success, and full understanding of the K-12 components, along with her dedicated service,” said Dana Thomas, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs.

During her service to the Geophysical Institute, Bertram was selected as Outstanding Employee by UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers February 2012, appointed to UAF’s Strategic Planning Committee and appointed as Education Director of the proposed A-CORE UA Science and Technology Center.

Bertram has been invited as keynote speaker or presenter to more than 30 diverse national and statewide conferences, educational organizations and private foundations. In April 2012, she delivered the keynote address for a NASA, NOAA and NSF tri-agency meeting for K-12 education researchers and practitioners in Washington D.C. She also has extensive experience making presentations to state senators and representatives.

Her experience conducting educational research in the areas of teacher preparation, recruitment, retention, assessment and evaluation recently culminated in earning a Doctoral degree in Education Research and Cross-Cultural Studies from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Prior to her PhD, Bertram eared a Master of Public Administration and Affairs from Indiana University, and a Bachelor of Science Education and Public Relations from Wittenberg University.


For more information, call Kate Wattum at 907/450-8102, kewattum@alaska.edu.