April 13, 2004

UA Statewide Employees Honored at Annual Luncheon

Twenty University of Alaska Statewide employees were honored this week with service award presentations, and three others were named outstanding employees of the year. The Production Services Department was named the outstanding university department of the year.

The outstanding employees were Lacy Mitchell, an Administrative Coordinator for Information Technology Services; Michelle Wood a Fund Accountant for Fund Accounting; and Doreen Paul a student assistant for Information Technology Services.

Wendy Redman, vice president for university relations, was honored for 30 years of service to the university. Wendy came to Alaska in 1972 and joined the university as a secretary at UAF. Within four years she was promoted to Vice Chancellor for the newly created Community College, Rural Education, and Cooperative Extension unit. In 1980 she became the Assistant to the Chancellor of the UAF campus, and in 1982 moved to Statewide Administration. In 1983 she was named Vice President for University Relations with responsibility for public affairs, state and federal relations, development and community relations.

Two employees were honored for 25 years of service to the university. They are Barbara Nilsen, who was first employed in 1978 for UAF Student Affairs and is currently working in the Presidents Office as an Administrative Coordinator, and Guy Lee who is currently working as a Computer Operator in Production Services.

Kristi Sherman was honored with a twenty-year service award. She began at the university in 1983 as a research aide for UAF Land Management. In 1991 she was promoted to the position of Sr. Property Manager with the Statewide Office of Investment Properties.

Honored for 15 years of service were:

  • Dale Denny, first employed in 1987 as a computer operator. He is now Lead Operatorfor the Production Services Department.
  • Dawn Wall joined the university in 1988 working as an entry level accounting technician for UAF’s Grants and Contracts Services. As of 2002 she has been working as an accountant for Statewide Cost Analysis.
  • Kate Wattum began working in 1988 as a Bindery Worker for the Cooperative Extension Service. She was promoted in 2000 to the position of Web Information Coordinator for the Office of Public Affairs.

One ten-year award went to Tamera Weaver, Cash and Investment Manager for the Office of Cash Management

Nine employees were given their five-year service awards:

  • David Bantz, Director of Planning and Development in ITS.
  • Susan Freel, Accounting Manager for Foundation Accounting.
  • Vickie Gyden, Office Coordinator for Academic Affairs.
  • Mark Hamilton, President of the University of Alaska.
  • David Myers, Senior Systems Programmer for Technical Services.
  • Carol Pickett, Coordinator for Finance.
  • Michelle Rizk, Accountant for Information Technology Services.
  • Phyllis Trickey, Custodial Coordinator for President’s Residence
  • Carolyn Weaver, Manager of Human Resources User Services.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Wendy Redman 907-474-7582
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