June 15, 2000

University of Alaska President Mark R. Hamilton today announced that Princess Tours has donated $200,000 to support university programs in Alaska.

June 15, 2000»» NR 15-00

"The university is very grateful to Princess Tours for making this generous gift," Hamilton said. "It will be of great assistance in helping to fund the university's key educational initiatives such as the UA Scholars Program, the academic programs in Information Technology, Natural Resources and Arctic Sciences, as well as the core programs that are helping us provide Alaska with the trained and educated workforce necessary to diversify the state's economy.

"We're grateful that Princess Tours has stepped forward to support these efforts," Hamilton said.

Dean Brown, executive vice president of Princess Cruises and president of Princess Tours, presented the check to President Hamilton today in Fairbanks.

"Princess Tours hopes this contribution will encourage other businesses to assist the University of Alaska in a similar way," Brown said.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: University of Alaska, Bob Miller, 907-474-6311
Princess Tours, Tom Dow, 206-336-5810