December 01, 2003

ConocoPhillips, BP To Contribute $3.4 Million to UA Foundation

December 1, 2003 NR 21-03

ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc., and BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., will present the University of Alaska Foundation this week with checks totaling more than $3.4 million, the fourth annual contribution under the terms of the companies’ charter agreement with the State of Alaska.
Kevin Meyers, president of ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc., and a member of the UA Board of Regents, and Steve Marshall, president of BP in Alaska, will make the presentation to Ann Parrish, president of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, during a meeting of the Board of Regents in Anchorage on Thursday morning, December 4 at about 8 a.m. ConocoPhillips will contribute $1,830,000 and BP will contribute $1,623,150.

The latest contributions will bring the amount contributed to the UA Foundation to almost $13.9 million over the last four years by the two companies.
The charter agreement specifies that 30 percent of the money BP and ConocoPhillips set aside each year for community giving will go to the University of Alaska Foundation for use by the university.

“These private funds have enabled the university to leverage some of its public funds in order to invest in program areas where the university can make a significant difference to the state through research, instruction and public service, particularly as they relate to the state’s long-term economic development,” said University President Mark Hamilton. "That’s what makes this kind of philanthropy so important to the university and the state.”

The BP and ConocoPhillips funding supports university programs statewide that will help Alaska develop a more diversified and self-sufficient and sustainable economy.

These funds also provide outreach from the university to support K-12 school districts to support student learning through the development of a highly qualified teaching workforce. Funding has been provided to support the development of a math endorsement program, and to provide staff support in areas of expertise in teacher professional development and recruitment and retention of a multicultural teaching workforce.

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