November 07, 2003

University of Alaska Faculty Reach Contract Agreement

November 7, 2003 NR 18-03
The University of Alaska and the Alaska Community Colleges' Federation of Teachers (ACCFT) announced today they have reached a tentative agreement for a new three- year labor agreement.» »»»
ACCFT represents 315 university faculty who teach at all campus locations in the University of Alaska system. The University and the union have been in negotiations for 14 months. »»»

The tentative agreement, reached between representatives of the university and the union, is subject to ratification by the union's members as well as the university Board of Regents.»»» »

University President Mark Hamilton said of the settlement, "I am relieved there will not be a strike. Resolution of this divisive issue is critical so we get our collective focus back where it needs to be, on our students and their success."
Union President Bob Congdon said, “We are happy that our students will not have their education interrupted and that has always been the paramount concern of faculty. We are confident that our members will find this contract satisfactory and I commend the team of faculty who worked to bring this contract to fruition.”»»
Details of the agreement will be available after ratification.
For more information contact Bob Congdon (907) 786-4090,, or Bob Miller (907) 474-6311,