February 13, 2002

829 UA Scholars Now Enrolled at UA Campuses

February 13, 2002» NR 03-02
There are now 829 UA Scholars enrolled in the University of Alaska system, 673 in baccalaureate degree seeking programs and 156 in associate degree and certificate programs.

Prior to University President Mark Hamilton’s implementation of the program in 1999, it was estimated that 95 students from the top 10% of high school graduates enrolled at the University of Alaska. In 1999, there were 801 eligible high school students and 268 of them enrolled. This past fall there were 897 eligible students and 371 became enrolled as students.

Each year qualified Alaska high schools designate the top 10% of their graduates for the UA Scholars Program based on their academic standing at the end of their junior year. The program offers a four-year, $11,000 scholarship to those students.

Forty-one percent of the students eligible for the UA Scholars Program in fall 2001 enrolled as full-time students, an increase from 33% in 1999. Systemwide, 673 of the 829 UA Scholars are enrolled in baccalaureate degree seeking programs, and the other 156 students are enrolled in associate degree and certificate programs. The single most popular major is UAA’s Biological Science, enrolling 40 UA Scholars. There are 11 other majors that enroll 15 or more Scholars. Of the total of 829 Scholars enrolled, 458 are at UAA, 313 at UAF and 58 at UAS.

Among the Scholars, the 10 most popular disciplines systemwide are: biological science (8%), computer sciences (5%), accounting (4%), civil engineering (3%), psychology (3%), pre-major liberal arts (3%), chemistry (2%), management (2%), pre-major nursing science (2%), and journalism and public communications (2%).

Twenty percent of the Scholars have undeclared majors. Of these 167 who are undeclared, 83 are new Scholars enrolled in their first semester, and the remaining 84 have been enrolled for up to four semesters.

Nine Scholars have received degrees from the University of Alaska: six Associate of Arts Degrees, one Associate of Applied Science Degree, and two Certificates. Seven of these students are continuing at the University of Alaska in a baccalaureate degree-seeking program. One of the two students not continuing at UA is attending Brigham Young University, and the other is not enrolled.

For detailed information regarding majors, class-standing, campuses, and high schools, please check out the website at: http://www.alaska.edu/oir/Students/index.html

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Linda Milliken, 907-474-5927