September 29, 2000

Regents to Meet in Kodiak on October 5-6

September 29, 2000»» NR 24-2000

Regents of the University of Alaska will meet Thursday and Friday, October 5 and 6 on the Kodiak College Campus in Kodiak.

The full board will convene at 8 a. m. Thursday for a welcome from Kodiak College, a report from University President Mark R. Hamilton, and a legislative report. From 10 a. m. until noon, the board is scheduled to hear public testimony.

Thursday noon the regents will meet with members of the Kodiak College Advisory Council for lunch. In the evening, beginning at 6 p. m., there will be a reception at the University's Fisheries Industrial Technology Center honoring Kodiak Regent Dan Ogg whose term expires early next year. Regent Ogg has been on the board since 1993, when Gov. Walter J. Hickel appointed him.

The board's committees will meet Thursday afternoon and on Friday before the full board convenes again Friday at 2 p. m. An executive session is scheduled as one of the last items of business.

Agenda items are listed here by committee of origin:

Academic & Student Affairs

  • Receive a presentation on academic programs at Kodiak College from College Director Doug Hammer and faculty and students. The presentation will include the Applied Technology Program, Nursing Program, and the Computer Technician Licensing program.
  • Consider approval of deletions of the Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Minor in Physical Education Degree programs at UAF. These programs were suspended in 1997 as a result of the university's program assessment, but students who were enrolled in the degree programs were allowed to complete their studies. All of them graduated last spring. UAF will retain individual courses within the discipline of Physical Education, and they will be offered as service courses as demand warrants.
  • Receive an update on UAF's School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences from Dean Vera Alexander.
  • Discuss the assessment of the academic quality of university programs with the Systemwide Academic Council, which will also brief members of the committee on recent accreditation activities at UA campuses.

Finance, Facilities & Land Management

  • Consider approval of UAF's Facilities Plan proposal for allocation of existing funding for six capital projects: Rasmuson Library, $18.6 million; Fine Arts Complex Phase I, $8.09 million; Brooks Building, $5.65 million; Wood Center Renewal Phase I, $4 million; Power Plant Phase I Code, $1.5 million; and Physical Plant Phase I Code/Deferred Maintenance and Renewal, $3.75 million.
  • Consider approval of an increase in the total project budget for the Egan Library Classroom Wing addition at UAS from $7.6 million to $8 million, and to authorize the administration to proceed with the award of phase I of the project at a construction cost not to exceed $3.8 million.
  • Receive reports on the UA Foundation and Consolidated Fund and on the implementation of the expanded College Savings Program from Jim Lynch, associate vice president for finance.
  • Review the draft FY02 capital budget request guidelines, and receive a report on the FY01 operating budget distribution, and on university construction in progress.

Planning & Development

  • Consider approval of a revised mission statement for the University of Alaska, and of UA value statements.

Committee of the Whole

  • Review UA's draft FY02 operating budget request. On November 9, the Finance, Facilities and Land Management Committee will conduct a full review of UA's operating and capital budget requests, and forward them to the full board for consideration at the November 16-17 meeting in Fairbanks.
  • Receive notice of tuition rate adjustments for Tuition Year 2003 and review of the status of tuition rates for Tuition Year 2002 (summer 01 through spring 02). Regents' policy provides that the administration will provide to the board, at its first regular meeting following Sept. 1, notice of the proposed inflation-adjusted tuition rates for the following year. The inflation-adjusted rates will then become the approved rates, unless the board approves tuition at some other rate at its first regular meeting after Jan. 15. The board has deferred until the November meeting any action on tuition for TY2002. In November, the administration will report on its review of tuition and fee policy, and board action will be requested at that time.

All meetings of the Board of Regents and its committees, except for executive sessions, are open to the public.
During the meeting messages can be left at the Kodiak College Director's Office: phone 907-486-1219, fax 907-486-1257. Messages should indicate that they are for participants in the Board of Regents' meeting.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Bob Miller, 907-474-6311