April 04, 1999

Statewide Empolyees Honored

April 4, 1999» NR» 9-1999

Twenty employees of the University of Alaska statewide systems office were given service awards at the annual employee recognition luncheon on Tuesday, April 6, 1999, at the Butrovich Building on the UAF campus. Statewide employees in Anchorage will have their luncheon on Friday, April 9.

Darrellene Myers, confidential secretary to university President Mark R. Hamilton, was honored for 30 years of service. She has served as secretary to the last eight presidents of the university system.
Honored for 25 years of service was Vice President for University Relations Wendy Redman, who was in Juneau and unable to attend the luncheon.

Twenty-year awards went to James Lynch, interim vice president for finance; Barbara Branton, coordinator in the general counsel's office; Guy Lee, computer operator, Information and Network Services, Production Services department; and Marcia Boyette, lead analyst programmer, Information and Network Services, Application Services department.

Three employees were honored for 15 years of service. They were Kristi Sherman, senior property manager, Land Management department; Violet Fesler, manager of administrative services, Office of Information and Network Services; and Russell Newell, data base specialist, Information and Network Services, Technical Services department.

Ten-year service awards went to Daniel Brodigan, network communications specialist, Information and Network Services in Anchorage; Machelle Haynes, bridge operator, Alaska Teleconferencing Network in Anchorage; Jean Sagan, associate general counsel, Anchorage; Brenda Vannoy, technician, Risk Management, Anchorage; and Kate Wattum, graphic artist, Public Affairs.

Honored for five years of service to the university were Michelle Alonzo Rizk, administrative assistant, Information and Network Services; Tamera Weaver, manager, Cash Management and Foundation; PaulEaglin, associate general counsel; Brian Brubaker, administrative assistant, System Governance; Laura Jackson, claims adjuster, Risk Management in Anchorage; and Michael Humphrey, director of benefits, Human Resources.

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