April 01, 1999

Hamilton Announces "Make Students Count" Awards for UA Staff

April 1, 1999»» NR 8-1999

University of Alaska President Mark R. Hamilton today announced a new university staff award for outstanding service to students, called the "Make Students Count" award.

"University staff members deal face-to-face with students at really critical points, " Hamilton said, "and they provide the first contact point for students entering the university for the first time.

"We need to recognize our unsung staff people out their on the line who make students know how important they are, and to reward them," he said. He said the purpose of the award is to recognize staff who have provided outstanding service to students from anywhere in the UA system, including rural campuses and extended campus sites. All full-time classified and administrative, professional and technical staff employed anywhere in the university system are eligible to apply or be nominated.

The Staff Alliance and local staff and student governance groups have been asked to assist in gathering nominations and making recommendations to President Hamilton.

The deadline for submitting nominations to local staff governance groups is April 15. Nomination forms are available on the Internet at http://gov.alaska.edu/staff

Hamilton will present the first of these awards at the June 3-4, 1999, meeting of the Board of Regents meeting.

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