September 17, 1998

University President Launches Information Technology Literacy Week Activities with Juneau Speech.

September 17, 1998 NR 24-1998

University of Alaska President Mark R. Hamilton will begin unveiling the university's unique partnership with the Gartner Group, one of the foremost information technology advising firms in the world, and what it means to Alaskans when he addresses the Juneau Chamber of Commerce on Friday, September 18, at noon at the Juneau airport.

In addition to the relationship with Gartner Group, the university also has an agreement with the State of Alaska's Telecommunications Information Council (TIC) which allows state employees access to on-line computer training and other Gartner Group products and services.

At the request of the UA Gartner Group Steering Committee, Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles has proclaimed September 20-26 as Information Technology (IT) Literacy Week. The university is using this opportunity to highlight Gartner Group learning and research offerings, as well as draw attention to current computing resources throughout the university system.

The university has a three-year contract with Gartner Group at a cost of $650,000 a year, but Gartner Group is contributing a grant of $300,000 toward the cost, and Hamilton will accept a check in that amount from Mike Goldberg, vice president of special projects for Gartner Group, on Friday in Juneau. In addition, the state TIC has an agreement with the university to provide $175,000, and the university also will provide $175,000 to cover the cost of the first year of the contract. In exchange, the university will receive from Gartner Group and will share with the state services estimated at approximately $4.5 million.

"Our university is a recognized leader of education, research and service to this great state," Hamilton said. "By forming a partnership with Gartner Group, a leading IT authority, we are able to provide tutorials and valuable resources on a wide range of computing topics."

Highlighting the university's week-long observance will be presentations at each major regional campus by Dr. Michael Zastrocky, research director for academic strategies for Gartner Group. Dr. Zastrocky will speak at small group sessions of faculty and staff on topics ranging from the Y2K problem to distance delivery of educational programs and services and other issues related to the use of technology in the classroom.

For specific information about IT Literacy Week activities at university facilities in your area, you may contact: 

UAA, Anchorage: Nancy Killoran, 907-786-1431
UAF Fairbanks: Debra Damron, 907-786-7122 
UAS Juneau: Scott Foster, 907-465-6530

There's also more information on the Web:

The UA Information Technology Literacy Initiative Web site is at

For information specific to IT Literacy Week: 

For More Information: Bob Miller, 907-474-7272 MA 98-24