May 04, 1998

Employees Vote No Union.

May 4, 1998  NR 12-1998

On Friday, May 1, the University of Alaska's classified employees voted overwhelmingly not to be represented by a union, the Classified Professionals, APEA/AFT/AFL-CIO. Of the 955 employees eligible to vote, 755 (79%) actually voted. Of those voting, 262 (35%) voted for union representation and 438 (58%) voted for no union representation. Employees eligible to vote are employed in administrative and academic support functions at all locations of the university across the state.

On hearing the election results, university labor relations director Jim Johnsen said, "The employees turned out in huge numbers in this election and made their views clear on whether they wanted union representation."

The election was conducted by the Alaska Labor Relations Agency after a union organizing campaign lasting more than a year. Among the major issues of concern addressed during the campaign were salaries, health benefits, job security, and the direction of the university.

What are the implications of this vote? Johnsen responded that, "employees made their decision with a lot of information from the union and the university. We recognize there are issues of concern to our employees and resolution of the union question now clears the path for the university and employees to work together toward their resolution."

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