April 14, 1997

Regents' Meeting

April 14, 1997  NR 8-1997

The Board of Regents of the University of Alaska will meet Wednesday through Friday, April 16-18, 1997, at the Baranof Hotel in downtown Juneau.

Regents will meet in retreat on Wednesday, April 16, beginning at 10:30 a.m. for discussions about strategic and financial planning. The retreat, which will be conducted mostly in executive session, is scheduled to end at 5:30 p.m.

The full board will hear public comment onThursday evening from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Treadwell Room on the first floor of the Baranof Hotel. Board committees will begin meeting at 8 a.m. Thursday and continue all day. The Nominating Commitee will meet Friday morning from 7 to 8 a.m., when the full board meeting will resume, also in the Treadwell Room.

Changes to the university's budgeting processes, extended campus tuition rates and consideration of the establishment of a technology user fee will highlight the agenda of the Committee of the Whole which is scheduled to meet Thursday from noon to 4 p.m. Procedural budget-process changes were recommended by the Finance, Facilities and Land Management Committee in February, and will be considered at this meeting.

The technology user fee was discussed in February, and the administration is recommending that a $5 per credit hour technology user fee not to exceed $60 per semester be established at the Fairbanks, Anchorage and Juneau campuses, and that the president be authorized to approve a similar fee at any of the university's extended sites if it is requested by a campus council following adequate student comment. The administration says it is expected that student representatives will participate in making decisions about the use of the revenue generated by the fee at each campus.

Kodiak College has requested that its tuition be reduced from the $61 per credit hour approved in February back to $57 per credit hour, or 20 percent below the lower division rate of $71 per credit hour. No other tuition reductions were requested. The administration is recommending that the president be authorized to approve the requested reduction in Kodiak, but only if additional financial support is provided by the Kodiak community to offset the lost revenue resulting from the proposed reduction.

The administration is also recommending that there be no change in the current policy regarding tuition at extended campuses.

Other items on the agenda include:

Academic & Student Affairs
Consideration of several new associate, certificate and bachelor's degree programs at UAA, UAF and UAS. Reports on assessment of educational effectiveness, student affairs policies and the Ad Hoc Committee on University of Alaska Schools of Education. Discussion on funding sources for developmental education, and a planning session to develop committee issues for future meetings.

Finance, Facilities & Land Management
Consider approval of conveyance of the Delta Rural Education Center to the Delta Greely School District. Consider approval of the UAA spending plan for proceeds from the sale of the Adult Learning Center facility in midtown Anchorage. Reports on the coal-water project at UAF, the land grant trust endowment fund transfer, the status of student housing and food service projects at UAA, the status of the bond sale for UAS housing and UAF's International Arctic Research Center and the Auke Cape project in Juneau. There will also be reports on deferred maintenance, graphics and signage standards, capital projects and KUAC's participation in the Alaska One project.

Human Resources
Reports on general harassment and sexual harassment policies, benefits task force activities, paid time off as an alternative for the current annual and sick leave benefits, and labor relations issues.

The Nominating Committee will discuss a possible slate of officers to present to the Board of Regents at the annual meeting to be held on June 19-20, 1997, in Dillingham.

All meetings of the Board of Regents and its committees, except for executive sessions, are open to the public.

During the three-day meeting, messages may be left at the Baranof Hotel, 907-586-2660, or fax messages may be sent to 907-586-8315.

(including copies of the complete board and committee agendas):
Bob Miller, 907-474-7272.