May 04, 1973

"Hay Fever" performance dedicated to retiring university president Dr. William R. Wood

Release date: 5/04/73

FAIRBANKS-- The opening performance in Anchorage next Wednesday (May 9) of Noel Coward's play, "Hay Fever," will be dedicated to Dr. William R. Wood, retiring president of the University of Alaska.

A champagne reception in Wood's honor will follow the play.  Students, faculty and staff of the statewide university and the general public are invited to the play and reception.

The play, produced by the Guild of the Anchorage Community College Theater Department, will be presented in the Sydney Laurence Auditorium.  The reception will be held in the Anchorage Historical and Fine Arts Museum.

The premiere performance of the play will begin at 8 p.m.  It will begin at the same time on succeeding nights, through Saturday.

"It's a delightful play," said its director, F. Kenneth Freedman, "and it seemed to us a different way to honor Dr. Wood for the dedication he has shown not only to the university system but also to the world community's educational development."

Wood has just returned from his third visit to South Vietnam where he served as an educational consultant to that nation's system of higher education.

"Hay Fever," said Freedman, "ends by its's not as if a conclusion has been reached, rather there is a continuation of life.  The family goes on.  While it isn't a message play, we might well take our cue and apply the analogy--we hope to continue a long fruitful relationship with Dr. Wood."

Reservations for the premiere will be limited to 640, the seating capacity of the auditorium.  They can be made by calling 272-5522 extension 129 in Anchorage or the University News Service in Fairbanks. 479-7581.  Ticket cost for the double event is $7.50 per person.