Faculty Initiative Fund

2021 Faculty Initiative Fund Awardees

FY19 Faculty Initiative Fund Awardees

Tier I Proposal Awards:

  • Getu Hailu – Innovative Solutions for Sensible Thermal Storage Systems in Cold Climates - $76,000
  • Diane Hirshberg – The Role of Education in Supporting Self-Determined Sustainable Development in Alaska - $90,000
  • Nicole Misarti – Solving a growing problem in marine carbon stable isotope research - $75,000

Tier II Proposal Awards:

  • Matthew Wooller – Tracking the foot-steps of an ancient mammoth in Alaska: A project promoting inter-university state-of-the-art and innovative research - $30,000
  • Yin Zhang – Polymer-Alternating-Solvent Injection: A New Enhanced Oil Recovery Method for Alaska North Slope Heavy Oils - $29,969
  • Yongwon Kim – Significance of non-growing season CO2 emission in tundra and boreal forest soils of Alaska - $19,000
  • Sonia Nagorski – Novel investigation into the magnitude of plastic pollution in coastal southeast Alaska - $18,000
  • Hattie Harvey – Project SAID: Serving Alaska’s Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities: An Inter-University and Community Collaboration - $29,000
  • Angela Bowers – Integrating Macro-algae Culture into Alaska Salmon Enhancement Aquaculture: A Resource for Teaching with Ecological and Economical Benefits for Alaska - $25,300
  • Jingqiu Mao – Rural Alaska Air Quality with Big Data Analysis - $30,000
  • Derek Sikes – Creation of a DNA Barcode Library for Alaska’s Freshwater Aquatic Arthropods to Facilitate Research and Education - $29,451

Tier III Proposal Awards:

  • William Howard – Development of Two Types of Platinum-Based Drugs for Destroying Human Leukemia Cells - $10,000 
  • Herminia Din – Our Plastic Ocean vs. Our Clean Ocean - $9,750
  • Kevin Berry – Risky Business: Implications of Decisions Under Uncertainty for Environmental Policy - $9,535
  • Scott Goddard – The mega-analysis of sequential experimental data in engineering research - $9,395
  • Han Donker – What are the Corporate Values of Alaska Native Businesses? - $9,400


FY18 Faculty Initiative Fund Awards

  • Dr. Brandon Briggs,et al:"Advancing Microbial Resources for Mining Alaskan Critical Elements"
  • Dr. Jaunelle Celaire, et al: "An Evening of Mozart"
  • Dr. Scott Christian, et al: "Culturally Responsive Professional Schools for Alaska"
  • Dr. Jason Fellman, et al: "Quantifying hydrologically-driven lateral carbon fluxes in Alaska’s coastal temperate rainforest "
  • Dr. Micah Hahn, et al: "Development of the Municipality of Anchorage Climate Action Plan through a Campus-Community Partnership" 
  • Dr. Anayansi Lombardero: "Addressing Insomnia in an Effort to Prevent and Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among Alaska Natives"
  • Dr. Sarah Stanley, et al: "Learning Across, Inside, and Out: Mobilizing State and Community Learning Networks From the Prison to the University"
  • Dr. Charlene Stern, et al: "Strengthening Inter-university Indigenous Scholarship and Alaska Native Student Success at the University of Alaska"