2018 Faculty Initiative Fund Awardees

  • Dr. Brandon Briggs,et al:"Advancing Microbial Resources for Mining Alaskan Critical Elements"
  • Dr. Jaunelle Celaire, et al: "An Evening of Mozart"
  • Dr. Scott Christian, et al: "Culturally Responsive Professional Schools for Alaska"
  • Dr. Jason Fellman, et al: "Quantifying hydrologically-driven lateral carbon fluxes in Alaska‚Äôs coastal temperate rainforest "
  • Dr. Micah Hahn, et al: "Development of the Municipality of Anchorage Climate Action Plan through a Campus-Community Partnership" 
  • Dr. Anayansi Lombardero: "Addressing Insomnia in an Effort to Prevent and Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among Alaska Natives"
  • Dr. Sarah Stanley, et al: "Learning Across, Inside, and Out: Mobilizing State and Community Learning Networks From the Prison to the University"
  • Dr. Charlene Stern, et al: "Strengthening Inter-university Indigenous Scholarship and Alaska Native Student Success at the University of Alaska"