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Teacher Education at UA: Goals

  • Increase the number of graduating teachers with initial licensure and advanced licensure of teachers, school leaders, counselors, and other advanced licensure opportunities through existing education programs and existing general fund support
  • Communicate the breadth of existing education programs, including licensure and non-licensure, as a suite of options
    • provide a unified and coordinated view of program options across the three universities
  • Communicate clear student pathways for each program within the unified coordinated view
  • Empower a primary spokesperson, interface, and problem solver for key statewide education related entities (DEED, Superintendents Association, etc.)
  • Increase access and visibility of programs in Anchorage and at UAA; develop collaborative program pathways between UAA and UAF/UAS for initial licensure programs

  • Create a model and system that:

    • Benefits all three universities when enrollment/graduates are increasing
    • Prioritizes additional earned revenue (tuition) and new investment (state, gifts)
    • Ensures alignment for similar programs or provides an exception process that allows for distinctions of like programs
    • Defines roles, responsibilities and governance of the umbrella coordinating organization

The Alaska College of Education Consortium will:

  • Provide a single point of contact for external stakeholders through the liaison/coordinator
  • Allow each university to develop its academic plans for teacher education programs based on institutional strengths and regional demands
  • Provide a formal mechanism (the ACEC Committee) to facilitate inter-university coordination and communication to meet the goals
  • Put each School of Education on equal footing with an elevated presence at each university
  • Provide support for data collection, marketing and recruiting
  • Conform to NWCCU and CAEP accreditor standards and expectations

What we do: Fact sheet

Role of the Liaison/Coordinator

  • Serve as the single point of contact for the ACEC
  • Be proactive and form rapport with internal and external stakeholders including:
    • K-12 districts and programs
    • Alaska Department of Education and Early Development
    • Legislature
    • Board of Regents
    • Foundations
    • University Communications teams



  • Three separate Schools of Education, one at each university led by a director
  • The three directors and a faculty member from each university, along with system office representation will form the ACEC Committee. One of the SOE directors will chair the committee on a rotating basis
  • A liaison/coordinator position, reporting to the president or designee, will be a part of the ACEC Committee

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