The Alaska Innovators Hall of Fame class of 2019 includes:
  • Seth Danielson -  Dr. Seth Danielson played essential early roles in the conceptualization and development of the Remote Power Module (RPM), now routinely used to power high frequency radars that map ocean currents from shore.

  • Jerry Johnson - Dr. Jerry Johnson’s research started with problems related to the effects of snow, ice, and frozen ground on human activities. He invented penetrometers to measure snow and soil strength, a snow water equivalent (SWE) sensor to determine the amount of water stored in snow, and an ice-stress sensor. Dr. Johnson co-developed, with Dr. Anton Kulchitsky, the Coupi discrete element method (DEM) model and applied it to extraterrestrial science and engineering and renewable energy problems. 

  • Matthew Sturm - Dr. Sturm is one of the world’s snow experts, having driven thousands of miles on a snowmachine for winter research missions that last for months. Recently, he has been expanding his research into permafrost and the social-financial implications of snow and ice. He holds two patents with Holmgren - the self-recording snow depth probe and the snow temperature and depth probe.