Dual Enrollment

UA Dual Enrollment Policy

BOR Policy (P10.05.015)
Dual enrollment refers to enrollment at the university by a student who is simultaneously enrolled in a K-12 (or homeschool) for which the student may receive credit at both the K-12 and postsecondary levels. The university encourages dual enrollment. No additional restrictions on dual enrollment beyond those applicable to all students, or to avoid violations of law or ensure informed consent by a parent or legal guardian (including financial obligations), shall be allowed. (03-01-18)

The full policy and regulations are available at: https://www.alaska.edu/bor/policy/10-05.pdf


Dual Enrollment and Middle College Programs

This segment of the "Did You Know?" series takes an in-depth look at dual enrollment programs across the UA system. Dual enrollment pathways, including Middle Colleges, the Alaska Advantage program, ANSEP Acceleration Academies, and other programs, provide a great benefit to Alaskans by improving both high school graduation rates and smoothing pathways to a successful college career -- 56 percent of middle college graduates go on to enroll in a UA degree program. As the state considers legislation introduced to expand middle college programs across the entire state, the University of Alaska system is satisfying a growing demand for dual enrollment programs by offering an increasing number of accessible options for every Alaskan.