Gift Management and Fees

Fees allow the Foundation to maintain over 1,800 distinct funds, and:

  • build and maintain relationships with friends and alumni
  • provide receipts for all donations
  • offer investment oversight
  • conduct accounting and tax reporting
  • create and maintain systems for constituent data management
  • process all gifts to the UA system
  • report on contributions to university departments
  • vet each disbursement request against established criteria
  • steward donors
  • providing fund, scholarship, and endowment reports

Fees and gifts fund the UA Foundation operations. The UA Foundation charges a one-time administrative fee of 5% on most gifts. Gifts to endowments have a 1% administrative fee. Invested funds also carry an 1% annual fee.

The Foundation's fee structure is reviewed and approved by the Foundation's Board of Directors in consultation with the University of Alaska system.