Brand, Logos and Templates

The UA Foundation logo is specifically designed to identify the foundation as a separate but united part of the University of Alaska. This logo is composed of the representative icon, logotype and adds the title “Foundation” underneath. 

The new signature is exemplified by a modern globe with stylized lines creating Alaska’s geographical location as well as representing the latitudinal and longitudinal lines of the globe. The three stylized lines also form an “A” while referring to the three campuses which creates a statewide unit. These guidelines specify how the logo and its colors are to be used to create a foundation for visual unity, impact and consistency when used in print, online or in other digital forms.




Primary Color

foundation blue

CMYK: 90  50  5  30
RGB: 35  81  131
Secondary Color

foundation gray

CMYK: 52  43  43  8
RGB: 127  127  127

Typeface and usage

The selected typefaces for written communications are a subtle but effective way to communicate our visual brand and personality. The approved typefaces are practical, aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the desired brand personality of the UA Foundation. The typefaces presented here are less important than the discipline of using them consistently, in both print and online communications. 

brand font

Adobe Garamond Pro is used on headers and titles for UA Foundation documents. The font size is 14.


Century Gothic is the main body font for UA Foundation documents. The font size is 11.