Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors those who include the University of Alaska in their estate plans. It celebrates and promotes generosity and connection, and it elevates our faith in the future. All Legacy Society members also enjoy the benefits of becoming lifetime University Ambassadors.

Many of our donors enjoy the flexibility and ease of making significant investments in the University and other charities that fit within their tax-wise financial and family objectives. Plus, that same planning can also focus attention to a transfer of values.

There is no minimum to become a member of the Legacy Society. Some of our most generous gifts are “percentage remainders” from estates, after everyone and everything else is well taken care of. We need only know that you have made a gift for the University of Alaska in your other plans.

To become a member of the Legacy Society, simply let us know that you have made plans for a gift to UA, such as:

  • A gift in a will or trust
  • A beneficiary designation in an insurance policy, retirement account, bank account, donor advised fund, or commercial annuity
  • A life-income gift that names the University of Alaska as a remainder beneficiary, such as a charitable trust or a charitable gift annuity
  • A gift of whole life insurance 
  • A gifted deed to real estate or other property

Most gift plans are revokable, and all are held in the strictest confidence. If you wish, we will keep your membership in the Legacy Society anonymous.

Not sure which type of gift to UA can help you meet your goals?
Our dedicated staff in Philanthropic Services can help get you started. We are happy to collaborate with you and your advisors, provide local referrals to estate planning professionals, or just talk more about your goals.

Have you already included the University of Alaska in your plans?
Please contact Harry Need, Senior Director of Philanthropic Services, for the next step.

Sharing the news of your estate commitment or other planned gift allows us to extend our gratitude and confirm the impact that you envision.