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Consolidated Fund Agreement

Consolidated Endowment Fund Investment Policy

General Investment Policy

Guidelines and Procedures for the Transfer of Tangible University Assets to UA Foundation

Policy on Allocation of Investment Earnings on Current Use Funds


Policy on use of the Alaska Flag Song

The copyright to the Alaska Flag Song is held by the University of Alaska Foundation. The UA Foundation is responsible to ensure that the song is used in a manner befitting its status as the state song of the State of Alaska. We want to protect the song from illegal use and copyright infringement and to obtain sufficient remuneration of use of the song as befits any other investment asset of the Foundation. 

For the full details on the policy on the use of the Alaska Flag Song, please click here

Licenses for use of the Alaska Flag Song will be issued under the following guidelines:

Licenses will be non-exclusive and will be of the shortest duration possible to accommodate the intended use - but in no case longer than one year.

Licenses may be issued for reasonable commercial uses.

Licenses will be issued for public performances, recordings, and the creation of new renditions for such purposes subject to these guidelines.

Licenses will not be issued for public performances, recordings or new renditions which are:

Satires, caricatures or humorous applications

Obviously not in keeping with the stature of the Song as the official state song of the State of Alaska as determined by the Alaska Legislature.

Licenses will be issued in accordance with the current fee structure which is substantially as follows:

Commercial use (recordings, publications or performances for profit or in connection with commercial or profit making activities - e.g. cassette tapes, CD’s, in performances, publications of sheet music etc.) and use in connection with political campaigns and activities = $500

Non profit uses (fundraising performances by non-profit groups, renditions by school bands etc.) = No Charge

Unlicensed users of the song, when discovered, will be informed of this policy and the requirements for legal use outlined herein. 

Any printed materials accompanying or created in conjunction with the uses stated above must carry an attribution to the UA Foundation (copyright 1985, the University of Alaska Foundation, All Rights Reserved). 

To request a license, please contact Be sure to specify what the license will be used for and if the license will be used for commercial or non profit use. 


Rasmuson Proposals
As of January 2011, the UA Foundation is the exclusive access point for working with the Rasmuson Foundation.  This includes applying for all charitable gifts and grants.  This page has been created to assist faculty and staff in obtaining contributions from the Rasmuson Foundation.  

What is the Rasmuson Foundation?

What are Rasmuson Foundation's funding guidelines?

Applying for a Rasmuson Grant
In an effort to ensure UA proposals submitted to the Rasmuson Foundation are aligned with Statewide and/or MAU priorities, all UA applicants must follow the same process.

Please review the submission process for Rasmuson Foundation grant requests: 
UA Statewide Proposal Submission Process for the Rasmuson Foundation

Identify if you would like to apply for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 grant:
Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 Grant

Complete one of the following forms based on the proposal you would like to apply for and return it to the UA Foundation:

University of Alaska Foundation Information Form for Rasmuson Foundation Tier 1 Proposals

University of Alaska Foundation Information Form for Rasmuson Foundation Tier 2 LOIs

Proposal Deadlines & Funding Timelines
Rasmuson Foundation has different deadlines based on the tier level of an application. It is important that you plan according to these deadlines:

Tier 1: Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, funding decisions are generally made within 90 days.

Tier 2 Letter Of Intent: Tier 2 LOIs are accepted year round. Tier 2 grants are awarded during the biannual board meetings, which generally take place in July and early December.
Before submitting a Tier 2 LOI, please discuss your idea with a UA Foundation staff member.

If you have any questions in regards to Rasmuson grant proposals please contact the UA Foundation  at 

Please visit the Rasmuson Foundation grantspage for more information.