A Future For Alaska

Our vision is a vibrant, bold tomorrow for all Alaskans. Our pathmust be built upon our shared Alaskan spirit of determination and resilience that encourages us to achieve new heights. To forge ahead with an unwavering persistence for a better and brighter tomorrow.  

Alaska is primed and ready for growth and the time to act is now.
It is time to empower our entire state, equip our workforce, enhance our economy, and excel in research. Now is the time to work together. For Alaska.

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This bold vision for Alaska focuses on four specific areas...​

We are creating broad access to education across the state, providing opportunities for all, motivating students to attain their degree, ensuring their and their families’ futures.

Life Changing Education

Achieving a goal. Providing for a family. Fulfilling a dream. Putting opportunities in reach. Access to higher education makes these things possible.

We know that education is life-changing. We want to help more students—more Alaskans—attain their degree and open the door to a brighter future not only for themselves but for their families. We know that all too often, educational and career ambitions seem unattainable, and we are breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of degree and certificate completion.

We are creating broad paths to education. We are helping dreams turn into reality.


We are advancing critical research across disciplines that directly benefit the Alaskan way of life, establishing Alaska as the leader in research for our nation, our region, our world.

Real-World Solutions

Relevant research that directly affects and benefits Alaska and the Alaskan way of life. Actionable research, affecting our region and beyond. This is the focus of research at the University of Alaska. We seek answers to questions that impact Alaskans.

On the state, national and global level, our work provides critical information to decision-makers in government agencies. Through all of our research, we give our students invaluable opportunities to work with real-world scenarios for real-world solutions.

We are strengthening our economy by supporting existing and emerging industries, preparing now for the Alaska of tomorrow.

Encouraging Emerging Industries

Supporting our existing industries by helping them adapt and thrive in a changing world. Encouraging emerging industries that will strengthen and diversify our economy. The University of Alaska is dedicated to these endeavors.

We are collaborating with businesses throughout the state, helping them adjust their business models and practices to stay current with evolving industry trends. We help them create and retain jobs for Alaskans.


We are training and preparing our workforce to make certain Alaska’s employment demands are met, positioning Alaskans to lead the way in the job market.

Fulfilling A Growing Workforce

Education and training that leads to a job, and to a good job. Having a skill set that employers seek and that they need. This is what the University of Alaska provides to our students.

Preparing our students to meet and fulfill Alaska’s growing workforce demands is essential to our mission. We strive to position our graduates at the head of the job market. We must create and support the educational and training programs that transform students into sought-after job candidates.

A Vision For Alaska

With your help, we can make tremendous strides in achieving our vision for the future. For a future that honors our traditions and utilizes our strengths.  A future that is bright for Alaska and its people. We ask you to join us. A great state needs a great university.

For anyone who proudly calls themselves an Alaskan, we ask you to join us.  For the next generation.

For Alaska...

graphic showing campaign progress to date

As of September 2023, campaign accomplishments include:
  • 20,136 donors!
  • 10,592 first time donors
  • 7,595 alumni donors

For more information please visit or reach out to Megan Riebe, Associate VP of Development at 907-786-7746.