Angus Gavin Migratory Bird Research Grant

Julie Schram
Julie Schram - 2023 Winner

The Angus Gavin Memorial Migratory Bird  Research Grant was created in 1983 with gifts from Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), now ConocoPhillips, and ARCO employees in honor of Angus Gavin. The grant supports research on migratory bird species found either permanently or seasonally in Alaska or its coastal waters, including their biology, general ecology and habitat relationships.


Call for Review Team Volunteers:

The University of Alaska UA Foundation is seeking volunteers for grant reviewers to join the Angus Gavin Award Review Team to evaluate grant applications submitted to the UA Foundation.

If you are interested in being considered, please contact Dory Straight, Director of Scholarship Compliance and Administration, at for additional information.


Application process:

Grant proposals will be accepted from scientists within the University of Alaska system, which includes graduate students and faculty members. Proposals can be submitted below or a completed packet can be emailed to

Gavin Application

Gavin Protocol

Gavin Submission Checklist



The deadline for receipt of complete proposals including applications, transcripts and letters of reference is January 9, 2024. 

Grants are intended to be used for the support of research on bird species found either permanently or seasonally in Alaska or its coastal waters, including their biology, general ecology and habitat relationships. Research designed to yield information of value in management of bird species will be given preference. This shall include aspects of management directed toward protection, maintenance or enhancement of bird populations and their habitats that may be influenced by development activities. Proposals dealing with the habitat of Alaskan bird species and its effects on such species are acceptable under the terms of the grant.

A committee composed of qualified professionals in the field of migratory bird research reviews all proposals and selects award recipients.

Angus Gavin Recipients

2023 - Julie Schram
2022 - Annie Maliguine
2020 – Rachel Gingras
2019 – Michael John
2018 - Elyssa Watford and Devin Johnson
2017 - Wilhelm Wiese
2016 - Danielle Gerik
2015 - Molly McDermott, Heidi Pearson and Trevor Haynes
2014 - Alexis Will and Cindy Trussell
2013 - Adam DuBour and Tyler Lewis
2012 - Chris Harwood
2011 - Rebecca Young
2010 - Lila Tauzer
2009 - Elizabeth Humphries, Jack Withrow, and Brooke Hill
2008 - Caroline Van Hemert and Emily Weiser
2007 - Justine Sears and Travis Booms
2006 - Hector Douglas III and Kate Martin
2005 - Audrey Taylor
2004 - Cory Williams, Heather Wilson, and Laura Sederstrom
2003 - Danielle Mather, Sarah Anne Sonsthagen, Laura Phillips, and James Maley
2002 - Andrew Johnson, Matthew Miller, and Hector Douglas III
2001 - Thomas Braile and Hector Douglas III
2000 - Deborah Rocque
1999 - Christin Pruitt
1998 - James Sedinger and Verena
2014 - Alexis Will and Cindy TrussellGill
1997 - Pamela Svete and Amy Zacheis
1996 - Ann Johnson
1995 - Brian Person
1994 - Brian Lance
1993 - Daniel Roby
1987 - James Sedinger, Frank Burris, Edward Murphy, and George Divoky
1986 - Gerald Shields
1985 - Erich Follmann and Edward Murphy
1984 - Robert Day