Prof. Libby Roderick, 2022 Recipient
Prof. Libby Roderick, 2022 Recipient

The prize was established in 1988 with a generous gift from the late Edith R. Bullock, who was a member of Alaska’s Territorial House of Representatives, Territorial Senate, the University Board of Regents, Alaska Business Hall of Fame and an Alaskan of the Year.

Nominations can be submitted below or a completed nomination packet can be emailed to Dory Straight at Only complete nominations will be considered.

Nomination process: 

Any student, faculty,  alumni,  staff member or volunteer who has made a significant contribution to further the university’s mission of “inspiring learning, and advancing and disseminating knowledge through teaching, research, and public service...” is eligible for nomination of the prize, which carries with it a $20,000 award for the recipient.

The selection committee will base its decision primarily on three criteria:

  • The extent to which the individual demonstrates a specific, definable, notable accomplishment which benefits the University (establishment of an academic or administrative program, the development of a course, the successful completion of a project, the achievement of a research discovery, the provision of a needed university or public service, the achievement of national recognition, etc).
  • The extent to which the individual demonstrates general support of the University either through service, advocacy, philanthropy, etc.
  • While the Bullock Prize has generally recognized individuals with longevity in their efforts on behalf of the University, this is not a requirement. Any student, faculty, or staff member who could be labeled an “up-and-comer” within the University of Alaska system who has taken strides in furthering the university’s mission can be nominated. Most important is the impact of the nominees work on the University and the broader community.


Bullock Prize Application 


The deadline for receipt of complete nomination packets, including application, resumes or C.V., and letters of reference shall be December 1, 2022. Any material postmarked after midnight of the deadline date will be considered for the following year's prize.

Past Recipients:

2022 – Libby Roderick 
2021 – Lawrence Duffy
2020 – Brian Barnes
2019 – Mark Herrmann
2018 - Jeane Táaw xíwaa Breinig 
2017 - Michelle Bartlett and Gunnar Knapp
2016 - Bruno Kappes 
2015 - Timothy Doebler
2014 - Dana Thomas
2013 - Richard Dauenhauer
2012 - Steve Langdon
2011 - Renee Carter-Chapman and Roberta Stell
2010 - Dirk Tordoff
2009 - Alan Boraas
2008 - Judith Kleinfeld
2007 - Paul Reichardt
2006 - Scott Goldsmith
2005 - James Lynch
2004 - Lauren Bruce
2003 - Ann Parrish
2002 - Stephen Haycox
2001 - Sue McHenry
2000 - Wendy Redman
1999 - Ron Spatz
1998 - Terrence Cole
1997 - Syun Akasofu
1996 - Gretchen Bersch
1995 - Wallace Olsen
1993 - Thomas Royer and Genter Weller
1992 - John Choon Kim
1991 - Betty Hoch 
1990 – Marilyn Johnson

Qiujie (Angie) Zheng
Qiujie (Angie) Zheng - 2017 Winner
The Harold T. Caven Professorship was established in 1974 with a generous gift from Mrs. Loretta Caven. Dr. Caven was a longtime Alaskan who first came to the state in 1943. He served as a Director and a Vice President of First National Bank of Anchorage.Awards are intended to allow the recipient to extend and expand activities of the University in the area of business and finance in the State of Alaska through research and outreach activities.

The successful candidate will be selected based upon 1) their achievements through research and creative endeavors, scholarship or creative works, teaching, or professional service during the previous three calendar years and 2) the quality and degree of benefit to the University of the activities proposed to be carried out as a result of the appointment.

Application process:
Proposals for the award will be accepted from faculty members in business and finance within the University system. Applicants who have evident leadership in the financial community, either practically or academically, are preferred.

Caven Professorship Application

Caven Professorship Criteria

Deadline: January 9, 2023
The term of the professorship commences at the beginning of the next academic year and will continue until the end of the second calendar year. Any proposals time stamped after midnight of the deadline date will be dismissed. All proposals will be submitted to a selection committee composed of qualified professionals who will select the top candidates whose proposals will then be forwarded to the President of the University for a final decision.

Past Harold T. Caven recipients...