Program Actions Request Forms

Academic Program Process

 PAR form – seperate forms for addition/major change and discontinuation of:

  • Undergraduate Certificate (30-60 credits)
  • Associate (60-75 credits)
  • Baccalaureate (120-132 credits)
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (24-60 credits)
  • Masters (30-45 credits)
  • Doctorate (minimum 2-year program)  

"Notice of Intent" Form - BOR approved programs, a notification to ASA through AC is sent for:

  • Suspension of admissions with intent to discontinue
  • Suspension of admission with intent to re-establish 

"Notice of Intent" Form - PAR form is not required, but notification to the AC and ASA – addition, major change, or discontinuation of :

  • Workforce Credential (credit varies)
  • Occupational Endorsement (9-29 credits)
  • Graduate Certificate (12-29 credits)

Notification to AC or BOR not necessary

  • Minors (>15 credits)
  • Concentrations (no credit limit)


PAR - Deletion, Addition, and Major Revision Requests

Notice of Intent