Information Technology

Implementation Team Members
Martha Mason, Micheal Ciri, Pat Shier, Campus Vice Chancellors of Administration, and Provosts in consultation with affected Departmental Heads

Draft Implementation Report - PDF

UA System IT Assessment, January 2018 - PDF

Memo from President Johnsen about UA System IT Assessment, February 13, 2018 - PDF


President Johnsen Presented Initial Direction on these options Sept. 15 - VIEW SLIDE

Download Information Technology Review Team Report HERE
IT expenditures and employees PDF
IT key metrics  PDF
Shared Model PDF
White Paper on Purpose Based Alignment Model PDF

Review Charge
Review options that result in standardized ERP & other applications across UA and transition to the cloud.

Reduce operating costs by 20%.

Team Members
Faculty Governance - David Fitzgerald
Student Governance - Colby Freel
Staff Governance - Tom Langdon
UA Deans and Faculty - Pat Shier, Martha Mason, Michael Ciri, Myron Dosch, Keli Hite McGee, Gwen Gruenig, Sam Gingerich
Community - Jim Bates

Institutional Support
Facilitator - Professional Growth Systems (PGS)
Accountable SW Officer - Chief Information Technology Officer
Communications and Institutional Research representatives

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