Research Administration

Draft Implementation Plan - PDF

President Johnsen Presented Initial Direction on these options Sept. 15 - VIEW SLIDE

Download Research Administration Review Team Report HERE
Peer Institutions Summary  PDF

Review Charge
Review options for reducing cost & increasing performance via consolidation at one campus.

Reduce operating costs by 20%.

Team Members
Faculty Governance - Chris Fallen
Student Governance - James Gilchrest
Staff Governance - Nate Bauer
UA Participants- Helena Wisniewski, Larry Hinzman, Karen Schmitt, Rosemary Madnick, Jeff Welker, Donie Bret-­Harte, Cheryl Wilga, Allison Bidlack, Bill Schnabel, Bridget Watson
Community - Larry Hartig

Institutional Support
Facilitator - Professional Growth Systems (PGS)
Accountable SW Officer - VP Academic Affairs and Research
Communications and Institutional Research representatives

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