Implementation Team Members
UAA Dean Fred Barlow, UAF Dean Doug Goering, UAA Associate Dean Rob Lang, UAF INE Director Bill Schnabel
Chair Dan White

Draft Implementation Report - PDF

President Johnsen Presented Initial Direction on these options Sept. 15 - VIEW SLIDE

Download Engineering Review Team Report HERE

Review Charge
Identify and assess pros and cons of most viable options to achieve goals including a single school, 2 schools, or 3.

Expand enrollment, reduce cost, maintain/ improve quality.

Team Members
Faculty Governance - Orion Lawlor
Student Governance - Cord Reid
Staff Governance - Elizabeth Winfree
UA Deans and Faculty - Fred Barlow, Doug Goering, Bill Schnabel, David Barnes, Rob Lang
Community - Boyd Morgenthaler, Bryan Clemenz, Virginia Groeschel, Alex Hills, Tony Johansen

Institutional Support
Facilitator - Professional Growth Systems (PGS)
Accountable SW Officer - VP Academic Affairs and Research
Communications and Institutional Research representatives

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