Management / Business


Implementation Team Members
Rashmi Prasad, Lynn Koshiyama, Mark Herrmann, Kevin Berry, Vickie Williams, Charla Brown
Chair Dan White

Draft Implementation Report - PDF

President Johnsen Presented Initial Direction on these options Sept. 15 - VIEW SLIDE

Download Management & Business Review Team Report HERE
Alaska Business Education Collaborative Model  PDF
Whole network Principles  PDF

Review Charge
Identify and assess pros and cons of most viable options to achieve goals including a single school, 2 schools, or 3.

Expand enrollment, reduce cost, maintain/ improve quality.

Team Members
Faculty Governance - Maren Haavig
Student Governance - Sam Erickson
Staff Governance - Faye Gallant
UA Deans and Faculty - Rashmi Prasad, Mark Herrmann, Vickie Williams, Bogdan Hoanca, Sheila Selkregg, Charlie Sparks
Community - Lorna Shaw, Tiffany Zulkosky, Dale Tran

Institutional Support
Facilitator - Professional Growth Systems (PGS)
Accountable SW Officer - VP Academic Affairs and Research
Communications and Institutional Research representatives

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