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Develop and review options for organizational restructuring including but not limited to further decentralization, consolidation at one campus, or consolidation at SW of functions that support significant enrollment growth and student attainment through outsourcing, automation, intercampus collaboration, process standardization, and other means TBD by the team.

All functions related to recruiting and retention, financial aid, and the registrar across the system.

Long Term Goals
- Reduce operating costs
- Align with UA priorities

Team Members
Bruce Schultz, Lora Volden, Alex Fitts, Mary Kreta, Joe Nelson, Barbara Hegel, Saichi Oba, Julie Parshall, Stephen Gray, Jonathon Taylor
Faculty Governance - Dave Fitzgerald
Staff Governance - Alison Hayden
Student Governance - Joey Sweet

Institutional Support
Facilitator - Professional Growth Systems (PGS)