Phase 2

Strategic Pathways Phase Two University of Alaska


The Strategic Pathways process involves review, implementation, and revisitation to ensure that UA programs support mission goals, are of high quality, are cost effective and enhance the student experience. Review teams present pros and cons of a variety of options which they present to the Summit Team. The president takes the information presented by the review teams, feedback from the Summit Team and input from the community into account and presents recommended directions to the Board of Regents. Following the approval or adjustment of initial directions, implementation teams are selected to establish goals, timelines and further implementation details for each program or administration function under review.

Implementation Snapshot 11-9-17

Strategic Pathways Phase 2 Comments

The team reports contain a range of options with pros and cons for each option. Please review the materials and then use the program specific form to provide feedback on the options and other considerations. Additionally, feedback can be submitted for consideration to