How do we optimize our statewide system to achieve our goals for higher education in Alaska?

Current Strategic Pathways Presentations

CURRENT VERSION: Strategic Pathways Update for Board of Regents September 13, 2018 - DOWNLOAD PDF

Phase 3 Strategic Pathways
Current Stage: Implementation

Visit Phase 3 for the latest updates and information on the review areas.

Academic areas:

Academic areas:

  1. Colleges of Arts and Sciences: Arts and Humanities
  2. Colleges of Arts and Sciences: Social and Natural Sciences
  3. Mine training

Administrative functions:

  1. Finance
  2. Risk Management
  3. Land Management
  4. Facilities

Phase 2 Strategic Pathways
Current Stage: Implementation
Visit Phase 2 for the latest updates and information on the eight review areas.

Phase 1 Strategic Pathways
Current Stage: Implementation
Visit Phase 1 for the latest updates and information on the seven review areas.

UAS is taking the lead on teacher education and a consolidated College of Education, follow the progress HERE.



Core principles of the Strategic Pathways Framework

We will reduce unnecessary redundancy to more cost effectively meet the state's higher education needs by focusing each university on its unique strengths.

We will increase Alaskans’ participation in higher education by maximizing use of innovations in e-Learning, supporting high demand programs, and ensuring affordability.

We will offer a broad array of academic degree and certificate programs across the university system, though not all programs will necessarily be available at all locations.

We commit to excellence in everything we do, in the classroom, in our labs, and in the communities we serve.

We will streamline and increase consistency in business practices, policies, processes, and systems that support expedited student progress.

Fiscal Sustainability
We seek to be more entrepreneurial in our strategies to grow and diversify our revenues.

The University of Alaska is committed to serving and meeting the educational needs of our state. Those needs are met through research and creative activities, teaching and learning, outreach and services to the public. We have a done a great job over the years, but gaps remain that require our focused attention.

Now, more than ever, as our economy experiences historic transitions and our state’s budget is reduced, we must find ways to serve our important purpose as cost effectively as possible. Strategic Pathways is the framework UA is using to improve our services. It is based on the fact that each of our universities has unique strengths in meeting the state’s needs and the reality that each campus cannot be everything to everyone. We are reviewing our major academic programs and administrative services to create a more sustainable university with more diverse revenue sources. During this process we seek quality, access, and cost effectiveness while we grow in service to our state at this critical time in our history.

News and Communications:

President Johnsen communicates regularly with internal and external university audiences, the Board of Regents, the governor, legislature and community leaders. Copies of the latest presentation materials, memos and internal announcements can be reviewed HERE.

Additional Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions will be updated as the process develops: FAQ
  • Videos of President Johnsen explaining the history and progress of Strategic Pathways can be viewed here: VIDEOS
  • System-wide councils play a critical role in supporting a collaborative and aligned development of the policies, programs, and processes that will support our goals of meeting the state’s higher education needs. Many councils have been tasked with implementing decisions made through Strategic Pathways. More details, including council scorecards, can be found here.

Nycolett Ripley
Strategic Pathways Coordinator
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