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UA Summit Team 

The UA Summit Team - comprised of Chancellors Tom Case, Rick Caulfield and Interim Chancellor Dana Thomas; Provosts Sam Gingerich, Susan Henrichs and Karen Carey; Vice Chancellors for Administrative Services Pat Shier (interim), Kari Burrell and Michael Ciri; President Jim Johnsen, VP AA&R Dan White, and VP University Relations Michelle Rizk; Chief Financial Officer Myron Dosch - is charged to take up issues that cross university boundaries. They will make necessary decisions or recommend changes to the board when new policy is needed. The role of shared governance in this endeavor is extremely important. The Summit Team meets approximately once a month throughout the year.

This leadership team is focused on systemwide change and not on specific issues at individual universities. They’ll help select the best people to address the topic, be it a faculty or staff group, a particular field of service or academics, or a technology working group.

UA Summit Team Proposal Form

The Summit Team has released a proposal form for use by UA governance groups, students, staff, and faculty, when an issue, or an idea, they would like to address arises, concerning the entire University of Alaska Statewide System.

Click here to fill out the word document form. Please send the document to for submission.

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