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Review Goal: Achieve better coordination and leveraging between the campuses to improve UA student success and potential cost savings

Scope: UAA College of Arts and Sciences, UAS School of Arts and Sciences, UAF -College of Liberal Arts, UAF College of Natural Sciences and Math (Math)

Charge: Weigh the options of pursuing collaborative opportunities including but not limited to common course numbering, common catalogue, course sharing, common curriculum committees.

Team members: John Petraitis, Paul Layer, Priscilla Schulte, Cheryl Wilga, Dorn Van Dommelen, Amy Lovecraft, Sherry Tamone, Chris Fallen, Sine Anahita, Brian Buma, Sharon Chamard, Stacey Howdeshell, Kellen Fisch, Lyndea Kelleher, Susan Bell, Diane O'Brien, Steve Masterman