Subject Data Access Request

This form applies to EU subjects under General Data Protection Regulation. All data access requests should include the completed form along with all the signatures and supporting documentation. Incomplete requests are not honored. Forward all requests to University of Alaska - Data Protection Officer by email to 

GDPR Subject Rights

Data subjects have, among other rights, the right to access PII held by organizations; to understand how it is processed and to whom it is disclosed; and to request correction or erasure of PII (under certain circumstances). Click here to access Subject Data Access Request Form

UA follows the steps below;

Step 1: Data subject requests access to, rectify or erase PII

Step 2: Data Privacy & Compliance Officer (DPCO) team verifies subject identity

Step 3: After data subject validation, subject access request is provided to Records Managers for execution to locate records

Step 4: DPCO and Records Managers access, review and produce data to subjects.