OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The OnBase system is the canonical storage location for records and official documents for the University of Alaska. It is roughly divided up into functional area sections like Human Resources, Admissions and Parking Services. In OnBase, these sections are called Document Type Groups (DTG) and they are containers for the various Document Types (typically shortened to doctype). All documents that are stored in OnBase have to be assigned to a specific doctype and that doctype determines the access permissions, retention and workflow for those documents. We use OnBase as a way to digitally store and organize records and documents for the University. This allows us to scan and upload documents so that we can reduce physical documents. Using OnBase is very useful in many ways. OnBase makes documents much more accessible and easy to sort through. It saves space and allows us to retain documents for a very long time without worrying about physical degradation. OnBase also allows people to access documents that might otherwise be unavailable due to distance or other factors.

The UA OnBase webpage is a great resource, this is where you will find download links as well as additional training materials. 

Requests for larger updates to OnBase (such as new doctypes, workflows,etc) are handled via Process Requests. Smaller requests (such as adding a data value to a keyword dropdown) can be handled informally via email. Contact one of the OnBase admins to get started. UA staff are also welcome to contact their IT help desk and/or create a new Cherwell ticket to kick off any requests. 


OnBase can be a little overwhelming at first, so we have several pages of tutorials that we hope clarify things. We have written tutorials on this site, and there are tutorials on the OnBase site as well. You can also sign into the OnBase wiki, which has some tutorials and troubleshooting guides. Lastly, there is also the OnBase User Recommendations for additional recommendations on how to use OnBase responsibly. If you are still having problems after checking these out, please don't hesitate to contact us