RIM Governance

Records and Information Management Governance Program

This records and information governance program is to guide University departments regarding the management of University records and information in an effort to comply with legal requirements, Board of Regents’ Policy, and best business practices for safeguarding records. At the same time making them properly accessible, and promoting efficiency and economy by facilitating the identification of records that must be retained and the destruction of files, correspondence, documents, data, and other records that do not.

Organizational Structure for the Management of Records and Information Governance

Executive Records & Information Management Governance Committee


The purpose of the University of Alaska (UA) Executive Records and Information Management Committee is to assess the University’s records management situation and to develop a strategic plan for the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive records management program.



The Executive Records and Information Management Committee will:

1. Initially, meet on an as needed or annual basis to assess, develop, and champion a strategy   for records and information management at the University of Alaska.

2. Meet annually thereafter to review the progress of and if necessary refine the strategy to the working groups and subcommittees.

3. Aggressively champion UA’s Records and Information Management programs to others in senior management, to management at all levels, and to personnel through the out the university.

4. Recommend the establishment of systems or techniques necessary to carry out an effective, efficient, and successful records and information management program.

5. Provide oversight of the records and information management program.

6. Review the University’s records and information management programs.

7. Represent the needs of their respective stakeholders.


MAU Records Liaison Officer (RLO)

  • UAA - Brian deZeeuw, Director of Financial Services

         Contact: btdezeeuw@alaska.edu and/or 907-786-4686

  • UAF – Amanda Wall, Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Services

         Contact:aiwall@alaska.edu and/or 907-474-7552

  • UAS – Jonathan Lasinski, Director of Business Services

         Contact: jlasinski@alaska.edu and/or 907-796-6497