Identity Theft Prevention Training


Training Plan

The purpose of this training program is to ensure required instruction and/or information is given to all employees of the University of Alaska to enable them to detect and appropriately react to red flags as identified in the adopted UA Identity Theft Prevention Program.

The level of training required depends upon the employee’s position and function. Employees working in the following offices or functions will be required to attend the in-person Identity Theft training program;

  • Admissions Office
  • Business Offices (or equivalent operations working directly with student financial accounts)
  • Enrollment Management
  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Aid Disbursements
  • Housing
  • International Student Programs
  • Library
  • Parking
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Residence Life Programs
  • Student Health Centers
  • UA Corporate Programs
  • UA Foundation
  • UA Land Management
  • Any other employee who in the course of their work at the University is in a position to view, process or notice one or more of the following;
    • Documents provided for identification,
    • Photographs or physical descriptions provided for identification,
    • Requests for information or action from non-UA email accounts,
    • Requests for University information,
    • Attempts to access accounts by unauthorized users,
    • Notices of possible identity theft from customers, law enforcement authorities or others.

Training will be provided either by the employee’s departmental Identity Theft Prevention coordinator or by their Identity Theft Prevention campus administrator. Please refer to the UA Identity Theft Prevention Program document, revised October 2022.

Occasionally as determined effective and appropriate, general communications will be issued to the University community advising all faculty and staff to be aware of potential identity theft and how to respond should they detect it.