OnBase User Recommendations

OnBase Client Session Timeout

OnBase can be accessed via three different clients, the first being Thick Client, the second is Unity Client, and the third is Thin Client.  Each of these clients has a timeout feature, which will log you out of the program after a specified time frame.  OnBase Thick and Unity clients will timeout after 120 minutes of no activity, and Thin client times out after 20 minutes of no activity. This feature is meant to increase security by ensuring unauthorized parties cannot access OnBase files while your computer is unsupervised, like when you have left your desk to go to lunch, for example. 

However, due to the sensitive information that is stored inside of OnBase, we ask that you take additional precaution with computer security and set your computer to go to "sleep" or to "lock" after 15 minutes of no activity. 

On Windows, you can do this through Settings > Power and Sleep or Settings > Personalize > Lockscreen > Screen Timeout Settings and then using the drop down menus to select 15 minutes as your timeout limit. 

On a Mac, you can do this through System Preferences > Desktop and Screensaver > Screensaver. From here you can set the screensaver to activate after 15 minutes using the slider. Then, go to System Preferences > Security and enable "Require password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver".