Document Preparation Guidelines

Before documents can be processed (scanned/filmed and archived), they need to be prepared.

 1. Remove all staples and clips
Staples and paperclips must be removed from all documents prior to drop off. Staples can be very hard to detect in large stacks of paper and almost invisible to the eye when simply thumbing through. The best way to detect staples is to pull a stack of documents (about an inch thick) and thumb through the pages from all four corners (in particular, where staples would normally reside). Next, pinch each of the four corners of a small stack of documents, and gently run all four sides of the stack through your two fingers, to feel for staples. You will likely feel one if it is there.

2. Remove all obstructive attachments
Be sure to remove all “post-it” notes or any other small, attached items from the front of a document if they are covering information. Any of these notes can be placed on the back side of a document if they must be scanned with that particular document. If not, the item must be placed on a separate sheet of plain white paper and taped down as flat as possible, using scotch tape on all four sides of the item. Keep in mind that the document feeder has sensors and if it detects two pieces of paper, it will attempt to separate them. So, items must be thoroughly taped down. Please avoid having any tape sticking off of the documents. Also, be sure to remove all tabs or other markers, which do not need to be scanned, from documents before submitting.

3. Tape all attachments to a separate sheet of paper
Taped documents (including receipts, “post-its”, small documents or carbon copies), must be taped individually and neatly on a separate white sheet of paper. Keep in mind the document feeder feeds documents from the top of the document, right side up (as if you were reading it). Therefore, if an item is taped, be sure to run the tape the entire length of the smaller document, as to prevent the feeder from detecting two separate sheets.

4. Straighten any folded edges and repair any torn documents
Most folds can be seen and straightened out while thumbing through the sides of the documents. If a document is torn, tape may be used, as long as it is done neatly. Avoid any tape hanging off the edges of the document or any pieces peeling up, exposing the sticky side to the document feeder.

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