Document Shredding Procedure

1. Only confidential material can be shredded. We will not accept textbooks, magazines, binders, or any other items of a non-confidential nature. Non-confidential documents must be removed prior to document delivery.

2. Contact Shiva Hullavarad, or another Records department employee, to schedule a hand off date for your documents. Shredway totes will not be loaned to departments. We schedule shred runs based on how much material we have ready to shred. We cannot guarantee storage space for last minute drop offs, and you may have to wait until the next shred cycle.

3. At the time of drop off, you will be required to give the records department a Certificate of Destruction, listing what documents you are relinquishing, how many banker boxes of documents you are dropping off, and your fund/org number. This is done so we can charge every department for their boxes appropriately. One banker box costs roughly $12.66. Each of the Shredway totes holds 6 or 7 banker boxes. Charges will vary slightly depending on the total volume of the shred material in a run.


4. Prepare your documents prior to drop off. Hanging file folders will not be permitted as spring steel can produce sparks in the shred truck and they pose a significant fire hazard. Staples, paperclips, small binder clips, CDs, and film are permitted. CDs and microfilm should be removed from plastic casings. Documents should be in boxes for easy transportation across the building. If you would like to have your boxes back, please let us know at the time of drop off. The Records Department will not prepare documents for you and will not accept improperly prepared documents.


If you have any questions please contact us! Our office is located in Suite 102 of the Butrovich building, or you can contact us by email at or


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