Document Shredding Procedure


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1. Schedule in advance

All departments must schedule a time to deliver shred documents to the Records Office. The Records Office has limited storage space, and can only accept documents within a week of each scheduled shred run. We will no longer be able to accept documents dropped off unannounced or on extremely short notice.

2. Charges will be assessed on a per-box basis

Due to the high cost of document shredding and the growing volume of material needing to be shredded, the Records Office can no longer afford to pay shred costs for other departments. One box of documents costs approximately $12.66 to shred. (Actual costs vary slightly depending on the total volume of the shred run.) One tote holds about six or seven legal-sized boxes of documents. Please provide org/fund numbers when calling to schedule delivery of your documents.

3. Confidential documents only

Only confidential material can be shredded. We will not accept text books, magazines, binders, or any other items of a non-confidential nature. Non-confidential documents must be removed prior to document delivery or the documents will not be accepted.

4. No hanging file folders permitted

Remove any hanging file folders from documents prior to delivery. The Shredway document destruction process can handle staples, paper clips, binder clips, and file folder prongs, so it is not necessary to remove such items prior to document delivery. However, the spring steel bars in hanging file folders can produce sparks in the shred truck during the destruction process, so they pose a significant fire hazard. Documents containing hanging file folders or other larger pieces of spring steel will be refused. Please contact the Records Office prior to document delivery if your documents contain any questionable metal parts.


If you have any questions about the shredding process, please contact Aerin Troxel by email at 


Printable Version (PDF)

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