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SAA Elections

Please join us in welcoming the 2018-2020 representatives and 2018-2019 alternates for SAA!


I have been on SAA both as an alternate and a full representative. I think being on SAA means being willing to actively participate; I enjoy representing you and assisting with committees of value to SAA….the Compensation, By-Laws and Nomination committees to name three. Combined with my position in Institutional Research, I offer informed perspectives about UA and the budget challenges it faces as SAA takes and makes positions on your behalf. I also have background in organizational representation and want to represent the opinions of Statewide staff well. As for myself, I am a 20+ year Alaska resident and have been with the UA system for going on nine years, including six years at Statewide. Besides that, I am an avid pilot and love running (you probably see me coming up the hill in front of Butro during lunchtime, no matter what the temperature!). I ask for your vote so I can rejoin SAA and continue to represent you. 


I moved to Alaska in 2015 from Quebec City, Canada. I studied computer science at the Université Laval and I am since working to get a second degree in Finance here at UAF. If you happen to pass by my desk, you might hear me talking about finance, technology or the French-Canadian culture. In those cases, you will quickly realize that I am extremely passionate about those subjects, so bring a chair!

Alaska--as well as Statewide--is my new home and I intend to bring new ideas and a lot of energy to the SAA. We spend more than 40 hours a week here at Statewide and it is important to have a voice in the office. I strongly believe that communication is key for any kind of relationship and by making myself available to you, we can facilitate the dialogue between governance and us.


I am a new staff member at the University of Alaska, joining the university at the end of October, 2017, with the Statewide Human Resources Office. Statistically from California, I’ve moved around frequently living in the midwest, northwest, and Hawaii. I moved to Fairbanks in 2015 when my husband’s employment evolved from a one year contract to permanent work. Serving the SAA provides a great opportunity to continue to learn and grow as a new member of the university and greater Fairbanks community, and to strengthen my relationship with my fellow statewide co-workers.


I moved to Alaska in ’83 courtesy of the United States Air Force.  My Dad retired in ’92, and we never left. I have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Accounting. I was an Internal Auditor with the University from 2007-2014 and I received my Certified Internal Auditor designation in March of 2014. I transitioned to SW HR Accounting  in May of 2014 as the Senior Tax Accountant. I recently celebrated 10 years with the University, and have had the privilege to serve on SAA for the past two. I would very much like the opportunity to continue for another year.


I was born in Lima, Peru but have lived in Alaska since the age of 8. I am a proud graduate of UAA and received my BA in Journalism and Public Relations in 2005. I love living in Alaska but also have a big travel bug. Hiking, jogging and biking on the city trails are some of my favorite things to do along with eating at local restaurants, dressing up and having a great cocktail on a Friday night.

My career with the University just started in October 2017. After working as a procurement buyer for six years for BP Alaska, I realized that I needed a change in careers. Working for the Foundation the last six months has been a great change for me. The goals of the university are important to me. I know how important an education has been to my family and I want to help in some shape or form pass that forward.

Communication within employees and an organization is very important. This is why I am interested in becoming a part of the Statewide Administration Assembly. I was very happy to see the university has a program which allows employees to give feedback, be involved and also do community outreach all in one. Though I will admit I just learned about this assembly, I think my strong love of planning events and being involved would make this a perfect fit for me.

I hope you consider me to be a part of SAA. Thank you!


Josh's first position within the UA system was as an OIT student employee in 2007. Since then, he has held a number of positions within OIT, the most recent being the Lead position in OIT Video Conferencing Services. Josh also serves as a the Staff Advisor for two UAF clubs, and is registered as a Red Cross Instructor for UAF via Student Organizations. He received the 2017 Staff Make Students Count award for his work as a club advisor. As a member of the UA community, Josh sees membership in SAA as an opportunity to continue to give back to the organization that he has been a part of for so long, and contribute to the improvement of the UA system on behalf of his fellow staff members.


I traveled from California to Alaska with the intent of staying for three years, but is fast approaching my tenth year in this wonderful state of Alaska. My service to the university has been to empower our community to pursue excellence through technology. Participating in helping people obtain their goals is the greatest reward!


My name is Caitlin Kaber Lipka and I'm the Program Specialist for the UA Scholars Program. I've worked in this position since November 2017, and I'm loving my new role and the new experiences I'm gaining within the University of Alaska. Prior to working at UA Statewide I worked at UAF in the Office of Admissions as an Admissions Counselor for 5 1/2 years. I was born and raised in Washington state but I have lived in Fairbanks for almost seven years.

I'm interested in serving on SAA because I'm always eager to learn more about UA and also to better connect with my colleagues. I was encouraged to seek service on SAA by my boss, who spoke very highly of her experience serving on SAA. I love any opportunity to learn and seek professional development, and serving on SAA seems like a fantastic way to pursue both opportunities. I feel that my current workload and schedule will allow me to devote adequate time and attention to serving on SAA.

Thank you for participating in the 2018 SAA election.  

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